Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inventory Snapshot

Check aircraft tabs for more information and pictures of each of these great planes!


1960 Comanche 180 hp 
Great plane, excellent avionics, 

Cherokee 150 - SOLD
3000+ ttl, 2300 SMOH, good compressions, basic radios, check out the tab for more pics!  Complete logs.

1964 Cherokee 180 HP - 3,500 tt 485 SMOH 26,500 needs an annual

Mustang II finished in 2000 
This one will turn heads at ANY fly-in.  One of the prettiest out there!


Angel 44 - awesome shortfield aircraft, great for rough terrain and those difficult fields SOLD!

Cessna 150 -    SOLD
1967 Cessna 150 - super low time airframe & price - we're keeping our eyes open for more of these!!           

LSA Aeronca Champ -  SOLD
Thanks for all the interest - keep checking back - we're looking at even more project planes for all you 'do it yourself-ers' out there.

'46 Stinson Project --  SOLD
108-1 Stinson Project -

Check our parts tabs for changing inventory!

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