Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inventory Snapshot

Check aircraft tabs for more information and pictures of each of these great planes!

Great time builder or all around traveler!
1965 Cessna 172 - 833.7 SMOH, Peterson STC, good compressions! Have a look  . . . . .

Mustang II
 finished in 2000 
This one will turn heads at ANY fly-in.  One of the prettiest out there!

1964 Cherokee 180 HP - 3,500 tt 485 SMOH 26,500 needs an annual


1960 Comanche 180 hp SOLD

Cherokee 150 - SOLD

Angel 44 SOLD!

Cessna 150 -    SOLD

LSA Aeronca Champ -  SOLD

'46 Stinson Project --  SOLD

Contact: secondskies@hotmail.com or call 816-804-3034 for additional info and pics on any of these great planes


  1. Congrats Guys! Happy Belated Birthday Pat!

  2. hi Pat,
    sorry for the delay in reply, was out of state for a few weeks... got the legs and carb shroud, VERY pleased with them both!! I'll keep you in mind for my other part needs as well!.. list me as a reference if you care to..